Piece By Piece

In 2021 we will have a wide selection of breathtaking and limited artprints.
Both from known and unknown artists.
Be creative.


The PIECE BY PIECE exclusive prints is unique in their form – either a specific feature or the whole circulation.
Some of the prints even come with unique material that will amplify the experience.

Piece by Piece invites you to the artists studios to explain their personal story about the artwork. All artworks are digitally signed through a QR – code and contains a little extra for the new owner. Do you want to be the first to receive exclusive material?

Hope by Harem with the artist holding the image
Hope by Harem with the artist holding the image

Artist of the month


In the painting “hope” Harem wanted to communicate vulnerability and hope by casting soft light on his favourite model, the afro woman. The light source directly above the model’s head provides strong reflections in the eyes and face, while casting shadows down her body. Almost as if she is moving out of the darkness and into the light.


– Harem